Monday, September 20, 2010

How she become a model

Her name is Nika. She started her career as a model at 15 yrs old.
We live pretty close each other so I know her personally. She was always so skinny girl with drop dead face. So of course she become a model. She is very successful. She's been working in New York and Milan. She is traveling to Milano a lot. She also appeared in some cover magazins. Now she is 18, she has a pretty life and she is making money. I'm so happy for her :)

So for all you pretty girls out there, if you want to become a model, NEVER GIVE UP! And if you don't make it, keep trying. Someday it will happen.



  1. how awesome she became a model:) too bad im 5"5.. i still do photoshoots but not professionally.