Saturday, September 4, 2010

Take it easy

What a chill and relax saturday. I went shopping with my girls. So i got some new stuffs :D Then we sit down and drink some coffe. I love saturdays like this. Then my boyfriend came over and we watch Pearl Harbor and eat some pizza. Yummy!

Anyway school started 3 days ago and i already hate it. I mean i don't hate all the people and friends. but the fact that I'll have to do a lot of homework and study and watch teachers faces every day -.- Oh god. From now on I live only for fridays and weekends :)

!Yay my hair is getting darker!
I hate how my skin is so withe on first picture and so dark on second. But just ignore it :)

Oh and i got new phone!!!
I'm sooo happy, finally i got touch screen.

Here's my new Samsung S5230 Star <3

With love, Lara


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  2. Thank you!!! =D & thanks for following me as well!
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