Sunday, August 29, 2010

Come join the party

So guess what? I take my lip piercing out and got my nose pierced! Yay ! You can see it on last picture :) And for those asking, no it didn't hurt.  Maybe for two seconds but its okay then.
Well it depends on your pain tolerance, but nose piercings don't hurt in general.
But i have to say I was pretty scared when i walked into studio. The guy who was doing my piercing was horrible and scary looking, but he was pretty nice with me thought.
Next news is that I'm dying my hair darker. Yes I won't be blond anymore. My goal is to be dark brown. But yea, as soon as i get dark I'll post pictures :)

P.S. - I'm really sad because I have only 1 follower. That gives me NO motivation for continue my blog. So follow me plaese.

With love, Lara

1 comment:

  1. you're beautiful! love your eyes and hair :]

    WELL... don't even worry. when i started to blog, i pretty much had one follower too. after a while, i got so frustrated that i wasn't making any progress that i actually quit blogging for half a year. HOWEVER, i returned and blogged avidly, and look where i am now!
    if you are really passionate about sharing things, you will definitely succeed :]
    SO, i'm following you. and leaving you with some advice--comment on other people's blogs a lot, and overall, just have fun!

    keep blogging!