Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Isn't this girl gorgeous. Her name is Olivia and I'm am a really BIG fan of her.
She take amazing pictures with such a good quality and she gives me some kind of inspiration. I'm pretty much sure you all know her right :)
But if you don't ---> this is her blog , check it out and follow her because she is amazing :)

Moving on to me, my hair is getting darker and darker..

See? Its not that blond anymore :)
Oh and some sad news, tomorrow school starts for me :( I mean it cool because I'm going too see a lot of my friends again but thats all! I really hate waking up early in the morning. I don't know, i hope this school year will be okay!

With love, Lara

P.S - i want to give a special thanks to Jessica  because she is really nice and gave me motivation to continue:) Follow her too.

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